Making Decisions

1 – Contemplate: When you are not sure what to do, the worst thing is to act spontaneously. Take your time. Sleep on it. Gather data. Dig deeply into this question:

What is the worst that could happen if I choose (A) and can I live with it?

What is the worst that could happen if I choose (B) and can I live with it?

2 – Choose: Choose with a sword —> Create a Deadline. Chop off any other options but the one you know you are going to do. Never turn back and look again at the other things you could have done because it will make you sick, indecisive, and weak. Choose hard: There’s no way back. “Burn the Boats”.

3 – Learn to Fly: Make it work. Successful people don’t make the right decisions; they make their decisions right by always seeing the silver lining. Learning along the way and gathering intangible treasures one can only get by making a decision and seeing it through.


The term silver lining is used when you want to emphasize the hopeful side of a situation that might seem gloomy on the surface. The common expression “every cloud has a silver lining” means that even the worst events or situations have some positive aspect.

On step 3 – You make it work by focusing on the hopeful side of the situation. No matter how bad it gets, look for the positive aspects.

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